The dream of many men – watch 2 women having sex

One thing is for sure, even if your partner tells you so credibly that you are the only one he ever wanted, he claims he has no sexual fantasies or secret dreams, this is simply a lie. But it is by no means always so wrong to carry the heart on the tongue. Nevertheless, it is of course equally desirable to know which taboos the partner would like to break. But what do men dream of?

Basically, of all sorts, just like women. The big difference, however, is that men fantasize quite differently than the female sex. Thus, women react extremely to key stimuli. The ladies love stories, while men respond mainly to what they see. The statistics even show that this cliché all too often comes very close to the truth.

What do men love about it?

As already mentioned, men are fully keen to watch women having sex. The reason for this is by no means to be found in the fact that the man believes that he cannot satisfy his wife sexually enough. Watching two women having sex with heterosexual men is simply a male thing and turns them on beastly. Thus, men often fascinate things in bed that does not correspond to normality. Most of all, many gentlemen like to be the rooster in the basket in this case, even if they only take on the part of the observer here. If two women caress each other, caress each other and bring each other to a climax orally or with sex toys, this is often even greater pleasure for many men than sleeping with a woman at this moment. Twice hot curves now turn many men on.

For this reason, some men also like to look around on platforms, where various films are shown exclusively with women. Titles like: “horny lesbians have sex on the phone” have there already click guarantee. Here, the man can then observe two women in the peace of mind during sex and fulfill his secret wishes. Of course, this is much better in life.

What should be considered if he does not just want to observe?


It is not so rare that the man in a relationship even openly expresses his desire for a threesome. In some cases, the partner does not mind trying this experiment once. However, you should make a few arrangements here in advance. Especially since some women can not cope if their husband sleeps with another. If for you only oral games, as well as a few caresses okay, he must bow to the and of course stick to the agreements. In addition, in this case, it is important that the man here does not forget who is number one. It is always important to treat your partner preferentially. If she feels neglected during the threesome, this can lead to unsightly scenes of jealousy.

Since the man has only one best piece at his disposal, he can only make one woman happy after the other. However, his mouth and hands are still usually at his disposal, so that actually all parties can get their money’s worth.

Conclusion: many men dream of watching two women having sex once in their lives. So this desire is even found in the Top-10 list of secret dreams of men. Some fulfill this wish by watching corresponding films. Others, on the other hand, express this wish quite openly to their partner and in some cases, the woman even likes to engage in such a sexual adventure. Sometimes watching will even get you involved, but it is important to set a few rules in advance so that the whole thing does not end in a jealousy scene at the end.